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“I hate being a grown up”

Sometimes I feel like I did the early to mid-twenties backwards. Most of my college graduate friends are mourning their lost college days and freaking out over TAXES?!?! WHAT IS THE NUMERICAL SORCERY??? PAYING UTILITIES ON TIME?!!  FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY?? HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW EATING DONUTS FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT WOULD DESTORY MY BODY?? I CAN’T COOK LOL.

This is all stuff I had to figure out at nineteen. It boggles my mind that there are people in their late twenties going through these growing pains.

After high school, while most of my friends were out getting fancy degrees, I got a nine to five desk job. For six years I lived on my own as a fine upstanding tax paying citizen. I had to teach myself what interest rates are, and why moving into the super cheap ghetto-fabulous apartments may end up being more expensive than you think.

I spent a summer with a hole in the ceiling over my bed that dripped water. The landlord refused to compensate my ruined mattress and tried to charge me for the ruined carpet.

The first time I had to write a check I avoided it until the last minute until I meekly had to ask my roommate how it was done.

Under Memo I wrote “This is money.”

I’m 26 years old and I just started working towards transferring to get my bachelor’s. Six page essays fill me with the same type of terror my highly educated friends save for having to go to the DMV to renew their license.

On second thought, this place inspires a fear that no one can grow out of.

Lately I’ve been feeling sort of nostalgic for my working days. It was just so much easier. Yeah, I hated my work and it left me deeply unsatisfied, but it was easy and it paid the bills. And at least with work you are never expected to bring any of it home. I don’t have that kind of luxury anymore.