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Steak dinners and Griffins

So, this is kind of awkward, I want to write and talk about my life and have people read about it but I have no idea what to say! Ah! What will you guys think is interesting about me? This is like an interview and a first date all rolled up into one agonizing paragraph!

So, howdy. My name is Milly Maxwell and I’m a 26 year old female in school for physical therapy.  Since I like analogies, I like to think of my work experience as a nice dinner, with the meat of the meal being my data entry work (6 years! That’s nothing to shake a stick at, right?), served with the mashed potatoes of my months spent in accounting/USPS, green beans of farm hand/feed store clerk, and hot delicious rolls of many Christmases spent in some seasonal retail position.

I’m literally hungry for work
I’m literally hungry for work!

I feel like I’m writing a cover letter. Maybe that’s because for the past couple of years I’ve been job searching non-stop, so cover letters and resumes kind of flow out of my fingertips whenever I’m forced to write about myself. YOU GUYS WANNA KNOW HOW MANY PROFESSIONAL AWARDS I HAVE WON? MY COMMUNITY SERVICE HISTORY?? WHY I FEEL WHY I’M QUALIFIED FOR THE POSITION, ANY POSITION, IT DOESN’T MATTER? I TOTES HAVE ALL OF THAT INFO MEMORIZED!

Things are a bit different for me now. Being a student means that I don’t have to live crushed under the burden of being Unemployed. I’m going to school and getting great grades and I can see a shining future ahead of me! Yeah! It’s awesome, but a part of me lives in fear that this is all just a dream and I will soon have to start applying 8 hours a day to meaningless soul crushing jobs that odds are, won’t even look at my application.

Being a student also allows me to express myself however I want.

It’s not just a phase, mom. This is who I really am!
It’s not just a phase, mom. This is who I really am!

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll stick to one of my New Years Resolutions and you guys can watch me get more in shape!